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SPA / WRC CaT meetings in Prague

Publikováno: 29.2.2016 Autor: Petr Jurášek

On days 7-10 March 2016 Prague under auspices NARFA CZE will host the representatives of NATO nations within meeting of SPA/WRC working teams.  ...

Reciprocial visit

Publikováno: 13.1.2016 Autor: Petr Jurášek

In the days 19 to 20 January 2016 will pay an official working visit by members ...

Foreign visit by representatives of the Polish NARFA

Publikováno: 13.1.2016 Autor: Petr Jurášek

From 14. to 17. December 2015 representatives of the Polish NARFA are visiting NARFA CZE in Praque.

Professional assembly

Publikováno: 13.1.2016 Autor: Petr Jurášek

December 3rd 2015 held in Prague Professional Assembly of the Frequency Service MoD under the auspices ...

A few words...

Publikováno: 23.11.2015 Autor: Petr Jurášek

2.11 2015 • Director of Military History Institute after opinion recommending ...